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Sit as I do at my rapid desk
A rare moment of peace arrives.
One has come for a visit
As we sit & ponder nothing
A cool breeze dances in & out of the windows in the stern of my office
The sound of birds can be heard
The sound of trees moving in the wind are once again heard
The distant sounds of French horns engaging in practice are heard
Another spring day is present
Another sound
Not often heard during work hours becomes audible
The laughter of children reverberate off the buildings near by
Yet the sounds of children playing are what I find the most adoring
For I look forward to the day when those sounds are emanating from
Children you & I have created.
Sit as I do at my rapid desk
Time for work

©1995 Kirk Alan Jackson

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While Close

I will fit you closer than
The oil rubbed upon your body after your bath.

I am love

Not the word
But the definition of the deeps side

Allow me to become the air you breathe

Desire me as the fruit you eat
Let me in
Recognize me, as beauty no other eyes may see.

Let me find
Show me things, fear has stopped you from allowing others to witness.

When you have a bad dream
I’m your champion

I will slay your dragons
For the shimmering suite of armor I possess

Let me gratify
I recognize what my predacious side did not understand

Let me show you

Mistakes made by fleeing men
I will forever recognize you as the light at the end of the darken tunnel.
I’ve witness the flawlessness that is simply you

I adore you in a way
A way that makes the world envious.

©2001 Kirk Alan Jackson

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Don’t H8

When faced with the topic
Or questions of sincerity toward my feeling of you
My first question is why?
Don’t h8 me
Who are you 2 pose questions or judge me?
Don’t h8
For this love is one you can’t possibly grasp
You see your words made that clear.

This love was not built on a lie
It was however
Assembled by friendship
Presented by trust
Having no h8
Having no hidden motives
Understand…  I view my life partner as an extension of my better self.

Very few have been blessed in such a way
For h8 
The bed       
Laid upon
During sex devoid of affection
The lack
To necessitate a bona fide love
Without h8.

The shadow of h8 is the motivating factor that suffocates
Understanding & tolerance
Keeping the world divided & inhumane
So… don’t h8.

The second reaction is an all-consuming need 2 fight, but not the fight of brutality
However the way a knight would defend his queen.

Demonstrating 2 anyone looking into my glass house that
I am an open book
Direct & confident
Read me if you dare
When done a mirror awaits.
For I am eternally grateful
With an understanding that this may only happen once.
The arrival of elegance
Is not a promise
But a rare gift
If you dare
Read me
Gain knowledge in the fact that
I am serious.
Yes this is the love of my existence
I will exchange blows
With anyone who questions my sincerity.

©2002 Kirk Alan Jackson

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Should let your self be loved by love
Allow your self to be spoiled by love
Open up to love for love
Open up for love to love.
See you’re self-indulged
Within love.
But all in good taste
Blackonblack love
So rear & hard to find
Surviving in a hostile world
Where faith of love is hard too defined
Black in hearts, spirit bodies & mind
A black man intensely devoted
In love with a black woman.
A marriage so strong
Only God could move them.

©1999 Kirk Alan Jackson

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Poem- A Good Day

Small office
3 computers
Five monitors
Dimly lit
Not enough air circulation
Pupils large due to lack of office light
Eyes dry red takes over area that is usually white
More stress
Another project due
Not enough time
Depart office in search of food
Eyes adjusting
Sun light streaming into eyes not seen light for hours
Quick snack
Bagel Diet Coke
Too short time in cool air outside with soft spring breeze
Back to small office
Door closed
Rush to finish project
3 computers
Five monitors
Dimly lit
Not enough air circulation
Added stress
Slow down
Refusal of stress
My work will soon be done
Time for family
I recall what’s at home
2 little boys
As I walk slowly
Sons dash towards me screaming Daddy
With smiles and excitement only children have
Beautiful wife says hello
Soft comforting voice like an educated black Marry Poppins
A good day

Kirk Alan Jackson
4/30/2009 4:50pm

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Look As

Look as I see
Yet my vision becomes cloudy
See as I may, I still can’t see clearly
Feel as I do, see her in my dreams
Be as it is, my love for her progress on
I can’t control, the forces that have absorbed my heart
Try as I may, I can’t master my thoughts
Truth of this is
Empty is how I am when I haven’t
Had her kiss
Do, as I will
I have no say
I ‘cant withstand
This love I am in

©1996 Kirk Alan Jackson

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I want you
Unrobed basking in available light
Within your blackness positioned on your stomach illuminated in deep blue ardent ambiance
Enchanted by serious yet funky grooves, trip jazz swells in the background, slow yet busy drums tease your senses, low tones of bass surrounding you while cool tepid guitar resonates across your taunt ravenous skin
I’ll add wine of your taste
Top you off with exotic headed oils, slightly warmer than that of your skin
As I…straddle a top viewing your back
My inner thighs gradually begin to absorb the heat emitting from your curvaceous hips
With a touch as a feather, yet firm as a saddle, hands commence to trace your stress engrossed back
Beads of oil descend down the base of your neck
Waves of heat slowly begin to spread the tension from your skin
I set forth at the lower extremities of your back

©2006 Kirk Alan Jackson

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